Sail Tailor – Illustration Friday (Sailor)


Yo-ho-ho it’s time to sew!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Illustration Friday, so I figured I’d try one this week (although cutting it pretty close to the end of the week).  While digital drawing is usually my thing, the nice summer weather has been motivating me to find other, more easily-portable and glare-resistant forms of making art.  I’m kind of enjoying b&w ink drawing right now, so I drew the outlines for this sail tailoring sailor at the park today (and then colored him digitally at home).

Merry Christmas Eve!


I am slightly obsessed with penguins this Christmas season – my wrapping paper has penguins, I made a few cards with penguins (also slightly obsessed with Scratchboard), and I am currently wearing a dress covered in festive penguins.  I’m about to go dashing through the snow up north to visit my family for the holidays, so I figured I’d make my Christmas post now.

Wishing everyone a very wonderful and joyous holiday season! (and may you eat all of the cookies and not feel any guilt)


Winter Fun


It’s been awhile since my last post, so I figured I’d make a more up-to-date seasonal post for today (instead of Halloween). While it technically isn’t winter for a couple more days, we’ve had 3 weekends in a row of “Aw yeah, we can use the snowblower!” snow, so it definitely feels like winter. All I need now is a hill and a sled!

Vampire Cat


I think my cat is a vampire.

I’m not exactly sure the best way to tell if he is a vampire, but I tried to put a little black cape on him to see if that helped.  He wasn’t too happy, so in case he was truly a vampire, I figured I’d play it safe and just get a cape-less picture of him showing his vampire fangs instead.

Happy Halloween!


Illustrated Guest Book

Whew! This summer has been pretty busy with projects, doing things around the house, trying to soak up as much summer as Wisconsin has to offer, and finally, a wedding.  My fiance and I got married last weekend, so to make our wedding as Leah-ish as possible, I turned our guestbook into a picture book. (Each guest got to pick a character and write a message in the speech bubble).

With a blank book, an entire pen full of ink, and a fiance helping me think of the words to write, I think it turned out pretty well.  Best of all, we ended up getting some amazing animal puns :D.

Here’s the book before the guests signed…