Gumshoe – Illustration Friday (Shoe)


I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with go with the theme of “gumshoe” or “shoo fly” for this week’s Illustration Friday topic (“Shoe”), so I went with both – a gumshoe fly with gum on his shoes.


Merry Christmas Eve!


I am slightly obsessed with penguins this Christmas season – my wrapping paper has penguins, I made a few cards with penguins (also slightly obsessed with Scratchboard), and I am currently wearing a dress covered in festive penguins.  I’m about to go dashing through the snow up north to visit my family for the holidays, so I figured I’d make my Christmas post now.

Wishing everyone a very wonderful and joyous holiday season! (and may you eat all of the cookies and not feel any guilt)


Winter Fun


It’s been awhile since my last post, so I figured I’d make a more up-to-date seasonal post for today (instead of Halloween). While it technically isn’t winter for a couple more days, we’ve had 3 weekends in a row of “Aw yeah, we can use the snowblower!” snow, so it definitely feels like winter. All I need now is a hill and a sled!