March of Robots – Day 1 & Day 2

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a just-for-fun drawing challenge, and even longer since I’ve posted to this blog so I figured it was time to give both a go. I stumbled across March of Robots (drawing and posting robots every day in March) and it sounded like a fun daily challenge to try. I’ve been wanting to play around with vector art for awhile and knew that robots would be a good subject matter for the style. Ideally, I would love to make little animations of the characters (just a simple loop to show their cool robot features), but freetime was limited. For now, I’ll just stick to drawings.

Day 1: Element

I went with an earth/air/water/fire route and created a little tea kettle robot. “Earth” is represented by the tea, “Air” is the steam, “Water” is the water, and “Fire” is the little flame heating the water.

Day 2: Cannon

After creating my kettle robot for Day 1, I decided to go with a theme of “everyday object robots”. I had a ton of ideas for prompts later in the month, but Day 2 was bit of a challenge – “cannon”. I was stumped on how to incorporate a cannon into an everyday object. Luckily, I remembered the t-shirt launchers they have at sports events – it’s not an everyday object, but a fun way to put away laundry.

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