Lunchtime Doodles


Lunchtime in the summer is my favorite.  It’s the time of day when I can step away from my office, go to a nearby park, sit in the grass, and draw.

The park I go to is nothing to inspirational – a few baseball diamonds, a playground off in the distance, some hiking trails, and a construction project of a nearby office.  However, I’m fine with my uninspiring scenery – I can just sit in the sunshine and draw whatever comes to mind.

Last month, I attended an SCBWI-Wisconsin Workshop led by the talented Eliza Wheeler.  Prior to the workshop, we were assigned to create a sketch of a scene inspired by our childhood. The first thing that came to mind was a Marble Run game my brother and I had as kids – colorful pipes that we could connect and drop marbles through.  It wasn’t a huge part of my childhood, but it was the first thing I thought of and had so many creative ways to draw it.

I suppose I could have drawn a sketch of me playing with the game (and that actually sounds like a good idea in hindsight) but I went a different direction – I build a world inspired by the game.  I created a city connected by tubes, wheels, and funnels.  Eventually, it started looking more like a water park, so I took it in that direction, but still kept the marble idea in the back of my mind.

During the workshop we learned and explored ways to improve layouts, so I do have a second version in the works that plays more with perspective.  However, I still really liked my original sketch, so I started bedazzling it first.

So this is my progress over about a month of lunch breaks – just me slowly working on building and inking a world inspired by marbles.  (Cars and characters will be next months’ lunch breaks).  Enjoy!



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