Post-it Note #Inktober Story

I am terrible (and I mean, TERRIBLE) at doing daily drawing challenges, but this year I figured I’d give #Inktober another try (here‘s a link of what it is). I didn’t get every day, but I managed to get more than I have in the past and found a way to get past my two main challenges of daily prompts: time and motivation.

To battle time, I kept it simple – scribbly ink drawings on post-it notes.  That way, I always had paper and pens on hand when I had free time, and didn’t have the pressure of making something “good”.  I drew some on lunch breaks, some before work, a few on car trips (as the passenger), and a lot at around 11 at night.

As for motivation, the hardest part for me is thinking of what to draw.  I was originally planning on drawing random Halloween stuff all month, but I ended up really liking the little skeleton character I drew on the first day.  From there, I started making more scenes of him doing stuff, which eventually evolved into a little story.

So here’s my Post-it Note story of a little ferry driver to the underworld and his adventure…



Day 1: excited to see what month it is
Day 2: getting ready for the first day of work
Day 3: getting dressed
Day 4: punching in
Day 5: leaving port
Day 6: waving to people on the streets
Day 7: crossing into the living world
Day 8: seeing the amazing things
Day 9: making a new friend
Day 10: picking up some passenger souls
Day 11: heading back to the underworld
Day 12: realizing that only souls can enter
Day 13: saying goodbye
Day 14: sadly returning to port
Day 15: realizing that it’s Halloween
Day 16: Halloween magic
Day 17: reuniting with his friend.


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