Throwback Thursday – Illustration Friday (Nostalgia)


Alright, technically it’s not Thursday yet, but I didn’t feel like staying awake an extra half-hour to post this.  My post for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Nostalgia”, is the very first thing I had ever submitted on my journey into the world of Children’s Book Illustration.

The year was 2005…
I was a senior in highschool…
And I hadn’t learned a good colored pencil technique yet
(and wouldn’t learn Photoshop for a few more years)

Ever since I was in 10th grade, I wanted to be a Children’s Book Author/Illustrator – it was an answer I jotted down for a “what do you want to be when you grow up” essay and it stuck with me ever since. For my 18th birthday, I got my very first “Children’s Writer/Illustrator Market” book, where I stumbled across an SCBWI illustration contest (at the time, non members could participate). The prompt for the month was  “spring”, which inspired the picture above. Obviously I didn’t win, but I still save the file to nostalgically remember where I began.



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