Crazy Driving Squirrels – Illustration Friday (Squirrel)


As I look at the calendar and realize that tomorrow is already the first day of summer, I am overwhelmed with the realization that I have been hibernating way too long.  Not hibernating in the sense of living off body fat and sleeping all winter/spring (although that does sound lovely), but instead, have been hibernating creatively.  In the midst of a year filled with an awesome book project and some exhausting things at my day-job, I have barely had time or motivation to create illustrations just for fun.  And for that reason, I have let my social media sit dormant.

But that changes today! – No more hitting the snooze button, no more feeling lazy and unmotivated, and no more hibernating! I am crawling out of my den and getting back into the fresh air of blog posting.  This week, I am creating a piece for Illustration Friday’s topic, “squirrel”.

Now, to make sure I don’t take away too much time away from my projects, I’m just sticking to black and white line art.  I do love working in color, but it’s kind of relaxing just sitting and drawing in ink.

So onto my squirrel…

As I brainstormed how I should draw my squirrel and what I should have him doing, I thought back to my childhood and experiences with squirrels.  For the most part, I had a pretty squirrel-free childhood – I’d see them running through the yard, fed them some Cheetos at a park, but no major interaction that I could recall.  Then I remembered something my mom would always say in the car when we’d see a squirrel running across the road – “I don’t swerve for squirrels.”

Now, to my knowledge, my mom has never hit a squirrel, and I’m pretty sure she has slowed down for numerous squirrels that darted across the roads.  The saying was more of a response to my dad’s driving and how he would avoid hitting a squirrel at all costs.  So there was my inspiration – squirrels and cars!


Route 5 – Illustration Friday (the Number 5)


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Illustration Friday topic, and this week’s sounded pretty fun – the number 5.  I started playing around with drawing the number, and suddenly felt like drawing roads.  So here is my illustration of “Route 5”, complete with 5 road signs and 1 car.

Post-it Note #Inktober Story

I am terrible (and I mean, TERRIBLE) at doing daily drawing challenges, but this year I figured I’d give #Inktober another try (here‘s a link of what it is). I didn’t get every day, but I managed to get more than I have in the past and found a way to get past my two main challenges of daily prompts: time and motivation.

To battle time, I kept it simple – scribbly ink drawings on post-it notes.  That way, I always had paper and pens on hand when I had free time, and didn’t have the pressure of making something “good”.  I drew some on lunch breaks, some before work, a few on car trips (as the passenger), and a lot at around 11 at night.

As for motivation, the hardest part for me is thinking of what to draw.  I was originally planning on drawing random Halloween stuff all month, but I ended up really liking the little skeleton character I drew on the first day.  From there, I started making more scenes of him doing stuff, which eventually evolved into a little story.

So here’s my Post-it Note story of a little ferry driver to the underworld and his adventure…



Day 1: excited to see what month it is
Day 2: getting ready for the first day of work
Day 3: getting dressed
Day 4: punching in
Day 5: leaving port
Day 6: waving to people on the streets
Day 7: crossing into the living world
Day 8: seeing the amazing things
Day 9: making a new friend
Day 10: picking up some passenger souls
Day 11: heading back to the underworld
Day 12: realizing that only souls can enter
Day 13: saying goodbye
Day 14: sadly returning to port
Day 15: realizing that it’s Halloween
Day 16: Halloween magic
Day 17: reuniting with his friend.


Sail Tailor – Illustration Friday (Sailor)


Yo-ho-ho it’s time to sew!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Illustration Friday, so I figured I’d try one this week (although cutting it pretty close to the end of the week).  While digital drawing is usually my thing, the nice summer weather has been motivating me to find other, more easily-portable and glare-resistant forms of making art.  I’m kind of enjoying b&w ink drawing right now, so I drew the outlines for this sail tailoring sailor at the park today (and then colored him digitally at home).